Let’s Have More Engagement From Lecturers

Posted in Teaching on December 30th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“I recently met with one of my lecturers to discuss prospective essay titles for an upcoming assignment. Full disclosure: it was probably one of the most anxiety-inducing events of my month thus far (and I have the dubious pleasure of working in a bar during Twelve Pubs December) …” (more)

[Alanna MacNamee, University Times, 29 December]

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Growing evidence of anti-female bias in student surveys

Posted in Teaching on August 18th, 2016 by steve

Holland“A new study provides further evidence that students rate female lecturers more harshly than male academics in course evaluations. Researchers examined five years’ worth of evaluations from Erasmus University Rotterdam’s International Institute of Social Studies and found that female lecturers were 11 percentage points less likely to receive an average score of at least four out of five from their students …” (more)

[Chris Havergal, Times Higher Education, 14 August]

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Ten things you probably don’t know about your University lecturers

Posted in Teaching on March 25th, 2015 by steve

UK1. When we were students, we weren’t perfect either. I think most students believe that we must have been super-keen beans when we were students, and think that they couldn’t possibly measure up to that …” (more)

[Dr Vikki Burns, 23 March]


Sligo college lecturers concerned at plan to change job titles under NUIG merger

Posted in Governance and administration on February 13th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Academic staff at St Angela’s College in Sligo have expressed alarm at a plan to demote their posts from university lecturer to teacher as part of full integration with NUI Galway (NUIG). There are almost 60 full-time academic staff at the college, most of them female, and all currently hold the position of lecturer …” (more)

[Lorna Siggins, Irish Times, 13 February]

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Self-deprecating lecturers contribute to unrest, suggests study

Posted in Teaching on October 14th, 2013 by steve

“… the paper argues that students are least likely to engage in uncivil behaviour when they view the instructor as having high levels of ‘credibility’, meaning that through actions and non-verbal cues, the instructor conveys command of the material and the class …” (more)

[Scott Jaschik, Times Higher Education, 14 October]


Defending the highly paid lecturers – is it possible?

Posted in Life on April 17th, 2012 by steve

“Lecturers in Ireland are often denounced as overpaid slackers. This assumption of having a cushy job seems to be a perpetual one in Irish society – a recession-busting salary in exchange for working only a few hours a week, which generally entails reading out the same script as last term to a bunch of hungover students …” (more)

[Andrew Haworth, Studenty_Cork, 17 April]


How qualified is your lecturer?

Posted in Teaching on March 20th, 2012 by steve

“Sir, – Grainne Faller (‘How qualified is your lecturer?’, Education Today, March 6th), has given us a clear picture of where third-level institutes interested in achieving university status stand in regard to the required staff qualifications …” (more)

[Michael O’Dwyer, Irish Times, 20 March]


Getting more out of lecturers

Posted in Teaching on January 12th, 2011 by steve

“Madam, – In response to Dr Florence Craven’s unfounded and inaccurate assertions (January 10th), the following facts might be of interest …” (more)

[Mike Jennings, Irish Times, 12 January]

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Getting more out of lecturers

Posted in Teaching on January 11th, 2011 by steve

“Madam, – Dr Florence Craven seems to have several fundamental misunderstandings when it comes to both lecturers and academia in general …” (more)

[Lorcan Sirr, Irish Times, 11 January]


Get rid of Lecturers

Posted in Teaching on November 9th, 2010 by steve

“And I don’t mean the people. Well, maybe a few (I have a little list, they never will be missed…). It’s the title I’m on about. OK it’s a Pet peeve, but why do we have to call them Lecturers? Why should the job title, right there on the contract, on the business card, explicitly specify a pedagogy? It would be like calling Doctors ‘Bleeders’ …” (more)

[Robert Cosgrave, Tertiary21, 9 November]


Students ‘spying’ on lecturers who turn up late

Posted in Life on May 1st, 2009 by steve

UK“Students are reporting lecturers who arrive late or skip class by texting a hotline set up to stamp out academic tardiness. Lecturers’ unions have denounced the practice at Manchester Metropolitan University as ‘snooping’ but student leaders say they just want to improve the learning experience. The students’ union set up the ‘Late’ hotline after repeated complaints about cancelled lectures and students sitting around waiting for their teacher. The university also rated 12 points below the national average for organisation and management in the latest National Student Satisfaction Survey – a drop of 3 points from the previous year …” (more)

[Joanna Sugden, Times, 30 April]

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Rate My Lecturer/Professor

Posted in Teaching on April 11th, 2009 by steve

Ireland“Are online academic rating sites even useful? A lot of attention has been focussed recently on a series of new ‘grade your professor’ web sites (Pick-A-Prof and Rate my Professors) and, while many academics believe the basic idea is good, others have mixed feelings about their ultimate usefulness. In several Irish Universities, students have rated their lecturers and professors and their classes on everything from level of interest to workload to the professor’s presentation and teaching style. The information is not normally disseminated and no such database is available for graduate students opting for higher degree programmes leading to a MSc and/or Ph.D. When the information is disseminated, it is deemed incredibly useful …” (more)

[Watchdog on Higher Education in Ireland, 11 April]

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You know what I really hate …?

Posted in Life on January 15th, 2009 by steve

“‘Grade-grubbing students’ and ‘awkward departmental cocktail parties’ are among dozens of academic bugbears exposed in a revealing list published online. It may be meant as a bit of fun, but the list by academics on the social networking site Facebook also lays bare the betes noires of long-suffering lecturers. The targets for their frustration and ridicule include their students, peers, managers and institutions, as well as the world of higher education in general. Students, unsurprisingly, are given a hard time, from the ‘annoying, know-it-all grad student’ to those who send text messages during classes and those who come to lectures when they are ill. Also on the list are ‘students with a crush’ and ‘ultra-religious students’ …” (more)

[John Gill, THE, 15 January]

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