It’s time for equality for part time students

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Ireland“One of the proposals in the Report of the Export Group on Future Funding for Higher Education (Cassells Report) is that, whatever the funding model chosen, part time students should be funded in the same manner as full time students. The report also proposes an extension of student supports to part time students …” (more)

[Joanna Tuffy, Lifelong Learning Blog, 11 September]

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Tuffy welcomes support for part time learners proposed in Cassells Report

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Ireland“It is welcome that the Cassells report is proposing that whatever funding model is chosen for third level education, that part time students would be funded in the same manner as full time students …” (more)

[Joanna Tuffy, Labour Party, 12 July]

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Exclusion of part-time students from free fees scheme challenged

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Ireland“A new tax relief should be introduced for part-time students as an equity measure and to help reverse the fall in postgraduate enrolments in higher education, the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) has said …” (more)

[Joe Humphreys, Irish Times, 17 August]

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Number of part-time students plummets after ‘perfect storm’

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“Tuition fee hike, tough economic climate and pressures on employers among factors blamed by report for 40% drop in numbers …” (more)

[Guardian, 16 October]

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Joan Bakewell urges action on part-time students

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“Baroness Bakewell is urging the government to back efforts to stem the dramatic drop in part-time students. The president of Birkbeck, University of London, says higher fees and a failure to communicate new rights to government loans for part-time students has led to a 40% drop in England …” (more)

[Hannah Richardson, BBC News, 9 April]

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Over 43,000 Part Time Students in Higher Education

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“There are now over 43,000 students studying part time in Irish higher education institutions, across the public and private sector, according to a new report released by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) …” (more)

[Higher Education Authority, 21 March]

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‘Dramatic decline’ in part-time university students in England

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“There has been a ‘dramatic decline’ in the number of people studying part-time for degrees in England, a report says. Numbers taking up part-time undergraduate degrees have fallen by 40% since 2010 …” (more)

[Angela Harrison, BBC News, 14 March]

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All-nighters are a fact of life for struggling students

Posted in Life on February 14th, 2013 by steve

“The idea for this column came from two-and-a-half weeks of having three to six hours sleep a night. Don’t worry though, I caught up on all my hours before I wrote it, but still, I’ll let you be the judge of why we students suffer so much from a lack of sleep …” (more)

[Jenny Darmody, Herald, 14 February]

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University: quiet reflection or sharp, focused study?

Posted in Teaching on February 12th, 2010 by steve

“The British Business Secretary, Lord Mandelson, is not perhaps the most popular man right now in academic circles. He is presiding over substantial funding cuts, and in addition seems intent on redefining what a university education is and how universities might best deliver it. He has come in for a fair amount of criticism, some of it no doubt understandable. But what he says in not necessarily out of step with the views now held in industry, politics and maybe even society at large …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 12 February]

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