Take Back Trinity Helped ‘Transform College Life’, Says Provost

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Ireland“Provost Patrick Prendergast has praised the impact of this year’s Take Back Trinity protests, which he said helped ‘transform college life’. Prendergast made the comments in his annual review, published this evening, and said students ‘successfully protested against a supplemental exam fee in the ‘Take Back Trinity’ campaign …” (more)

[Donal MacNamee, University Times, 14 November]

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€300k Spent on Refurbishments to the Provost’s House

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Ireland“Trinity spent approximately €300,000 on refurbishments to the Provost’s House over the summer months this year, The University Times has learned. The figure was obtained in a freedom of information request by The University Times, which also outlined the nature of the works …” (more)

[Aisling Marren, University Times, 31 October]

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Trinity sees 33% increase in research funding over last five years

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Ireland“Trinity received €100.6m in research funding last year, marking an increase from the €74m raised four years ago, and a 33% increase over the last five years. Provost Patrick Prendergast outlined the funding figures at the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) Strategy Day Workshop last week …” (more)

[Peter Kelly, Trinity News, 26 October]

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Trinity College Dublin secures €100m 30-year loan from European Investment Bank

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Ireland“Trinity College Dublin has secured a long-term loan of €100 million from the European Investment Bank to fund four development projects on its campus. These include the soon-to-be-built €60 million E3 Institute, which brings together the subjects of engineering, energy and environment under one roof. The other projects include refurbishment of the arts block, an expansion of the school of law and new student accommodation at Trinity Hall in Dartry, Dublin 6 …” (more)

[Charlie Taylor, Irish Times, 14 October]

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Trinity Must Work Harder to Make Its Graduates Employable

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Ireland“Recently, QS Rankings released its annual list of the top 500 universities, ranked in order of the employability of their graduates. At first glance, this seemed to present good news for Trinity, as it improved on the previous year’s rank in this category …” (more)

[Paddy Mockler, University Times, 4 October]

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Science and the value of broad horizons

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Ireland“Sir, – Dr Patrick Prendergast’s article provides an excellent argument for the value of national investment in fundamental research (‘Fundamental research key to Irish culture of innovation’, Opinion and Analysis, September 24th). Advances in science, and in its applications, rarely come solely from brilliant individuals; rather they emerge from teams and networks, often crossing borders of nations and companies …” (more)

[Miles Parker, Irish Times, 26 September]


Provost’s Sway Over Board Under Scrutiny

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Ireland“After years of concerns about the frequency of meetings, the supply of documents and the ‘dictatorial’ role of Provost Patrick Prendergast, Trinity is to carry out an internal review of the College Board, The University Times has learned …” (more)

[Jack Synnott, University Times, 25 September]

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Fundamental research key to academic and national reputation

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Ireland“‘Innovate or die’ said management guru Peter Drucker, adapting Darwin’s ‘Adapt or die’. It’s become the rallying cry of the 21st century. When every country wants the same thing, how can Ireland be more innovative than the innovators? One obvious answer is to spend more …” (more)

[Patrick Prendergast, Irish Times, 24 September]

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The True Cost of College’s Commercialisation is Starting to Show

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Ireland“It’s safe to say that Trinity’s fall in the QS World Rankings earlier this year has left the College’s reputation looking less than pristine. Disgruntled at best – and indignant at worst – figures from all aspects of campus life are looking to reverse the seemingly continuous drop, not least Provost Patrick Prendergast, whose approach to funding must now be called into question …” (more)

[Jack Synnott, University Times, 21 September]

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Trinity Business School construction to conclude in March

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Ireland“Construction on Trinity’s new business school is expected to finish in March, Provost Patrick Prendergast has announced. In his address at Blackhall Place, ‘A vision for Trinity and Dublin’, Prendergast also outlined that Trinity has invested €80m in the project, composed of €20m from philanthropic donations and €60m in investment and loans …” (more)

[Thea Lawler, Trinity News, 13 September]

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Universities U-Turn on Loans

Posted in Governance and administration on September 6th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Universities will no longer lobby the government to introduce a student loan scheme, marking a complete U-turn in their approach to the higher education funding crisis. In an interview with The University Times, the head of the Irish Universities Association (IUA), Jim Miley, said that universities are becoming ‘agnostic on loans’ …” (more)

[Eleanor O’Mahony, University Times, 6 September]

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The Provost’s Speech in Israel is Divorced from the Reality of Campus Opinion

Posted in Governance and administration on August 20th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Provost Patrick Prendergast’s carefully crafted speech to graduates in Jerusalem this week almost certainly won him favour in the room. But back at home, it was met with outrage. Evidently feeling obliged to bring up the ‘sensitive’ topic of the anti-Israel protests that took place on campus almost 18 months ago, Prendergast apologised for the ‘regrettable’ actions …” (more)

[University Times, 19 August]

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‘Patently absurd’: provost dismisses several student media stories

Posted in Governance and administration on April 10th, 2018 by steve

“Provost Patrick Prendergast appears to have brushed aside several stories published by student media this year, including allegations of sexual harassment against Sean Ryan and students being locked into the Dining Hall during its occupation …” (more)

[Aisling Grace, Trinity News, 10 April]

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Trinity provost highlights ‘threat’ of social media

Posted in Governance and administration on April 10th, 2018 by steve

“The provost of Trinity College, Dublin, has criticised the role of social media in spreading ‘fake news’ during recent protests by students at the university. Dr Patrick Prendergast said a tweet was widely circulated stating that the college had bought him a penthouse apartment at a cost of €1.95 million. ‘Anyone with even passing acquaintance of Trinity would know to laugh, but the story was picked up by the national media …'” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 9 April]

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Trinity Agrees to Scrap Supplemental Exam Fees

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Ireland“Supplemental exam fees have been scrapped, in the face of historic levels of student anger and opposition, following a decision of the College Board today. Provost Patrick Prendergast announced the decision on Twitter following this morning’s meeting of the College Board …” (more)

[Dominic McGrath, University Times, 28 March]

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For Take Back Trinity, A Mark on the Provost’s Legacy

Posted in Governance and administration on March 26th, 2018 by steve

“Whether the Take Back Trinity campaign will have lasting repercussions for Irish higher education remains to be seen. It is nevertheless already clear that the protests will leave an indelible mark on Provost Patrick Prendergast’s tenure. This Editorial Board has noted before that his almost-neurotic battle against declining rankings will likely come to define his legacy …” (more)

[University Times, 25 March]

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Provost Open to Fee Certainty, a Key Take Back Trinity Demand

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on March 22nd, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Provost Patrick Prendergast is now open to conceding fee certainty to postgraduate students, The University Times has learned. A person familiar with the discussion between Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) and Trinity’s senior management, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, said Prendergast was now open to fee certainty for multi-year postgraduate students and non-EU students …” (more)

[Dominic McGrath, University Times, 22 March]

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Provost Asks for Patience, Amid Supplemental Exam Fees Discussion

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on March 21st, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Provost Patrick Prendergast has re-iterated his desire to work with the Take Back Trinity campaign, following over a week of protest on campus in response to College’s decision to introduce a €450 fee for supplemental exams …” (more)

[Dominic McGrath, University Times, 20 March]

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After Protests and Pressure, Provost to Meet TCDSU Tomorrow

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on March 20th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) President Kevin Keane and Graduates Students’ Union (GSU) President Shane Collins will meet the Provost tomorrow to discuss the demands of the Take Back Trinity campaign …” (more)

[Dominic McGrath and Róisín Power, University Times, 19 March]

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‘Take Back Trinity’, the Maxim College Can No Longer Ignore

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Ireland“Trinity surrendered to mounting pressure on Wednesday night. On Thursday, students declared a sort of victory. The decision to introduce supplemental exam fees, and the subsequent campaign against them, has wrought huge embarrassment on a College that has spent years cultivating an outward-facing image. Provost Patrick Prendergast’s late-night tweet on Wednesday was a mea culpa made significant by previous indications that Trinity believed student anger was misguided …” (more)

[University Times, 18 March]

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