Students protest over price of apartments

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Ireland“Students in Cork have claimed they are being used as ‘cash cows’ for private developers who are charging up to €9,000 a year for a box room. Students from University College Cork (UCC) and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) turned out yesterday to protest against both the lack of student accommodation in Cork, and the price of the accommodation that is available …” (more)

[Darragh Bermingham, Evening Echo, 21 September]

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‘Fraudulent landlord’: Student rental scam in Limerick referred to tenancy authorities

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Ireland“A University of Limerick student was operating as a fraudulent landlord and scamming his fellow students, the Limerick Leader has learned. Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) proceedings have been taken after several students’ cases were referred to the body. A number of students have not yet been refunded their deposits …” (more)

[Jess Casey, Limerick Leader, 21 September]

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Student Accommodation and Housing Crisis

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Ireland“‘Accommodation’ – It’s that abominable word that’s on every student’s tongue. It’s an inconvenience for those who can afford it, and it’s a truly daunting task for those who cannot keep up with the ruthless property market and its high prices. What are the government doing to help students out? …” (more)

[College Tribune, 21 September]


GMIT and NUIG Student Unions Lobby City Council’s Housing SPC about the Accommodation Crisis

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Ireland“The GMIT and NUIG Student Unions have lobbied the City Council Housing SPC about the accommodation crisis. The Student Unions met with city councillors to highlight the need for more purpose built student accommodation …” (more)

[Galway Bay FM, 20 September]

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Student accommodation firm with Irish project installed ‘unsafe’ balconies in Sweden

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Ireland“A Swedish student accommodation prodiver with plans to bring 700 bed spaces on to the Irish market at their site in Sandyford has built balconies which are unsafe and not fit for purpose at a student accommodation development in Stockholm …” (more)

[Brían Donnelly, University Observer, 18 September]


Student accommodation rent caps are too little, too late

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Ireland“In the midst of ludicrously high rent prices and rising homelessness on the streets of Dublin, conjoined with exponential population growth in the city centre, the cries for solutions to the housing crisis in Dublin have reached a fever pitch. For students and citizens alike, the cost of living in Dublin has become untenable and pressure has been placed on the government to react as soon as possible …” (more)

[Eoin O’Donnell, Trinity News, 16 September]

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Trinity international students suffer health problems from mouldy apartment in Kavanagh Court

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Ireland“Two international students living in Kavanagh Court have suffered health problems due to mould growing in their apartment according to the Irish Independent. The claims emerged this morning when the Irish Independent published images showing the extent of the mould …” (more)

[Ciaran Sunderland, University Times, 15 September]

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Accommodation crisis has reached ‘peak’ according to SU President

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Ireland“NUI Galway Students’ Union president, Megan Reilly, told SIN this week that the student accommodation crisis has reached ‘peak point’. The comments come ahead of the union’s upcoming ‘Crisis Campout’ protest, which is being planned in conjunction with Galway Mayo Institute of Technology’s Students’ Union and the One Galway initiative …” (more)

[Graham Gillespie, SIN, 13 September]

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Students to protest over ‘breaking point’ rent levels

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Ireland“Students will next week protest outside a new student accommodation building in Cork over the housing crisis and its impact on those pursuing third-level education. The joint demonstration by UCC and CIT students’ unions will follow a separate housing protest set to take place in Cork tomorrow …” (more)

[Joe Leogue, Irish Examiner, 14 September]

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The housing crisis is also a crisis of student accommodation

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Ireland“In either Galway campus you will hear stories of students commuting from other counties, couch-surfing, and hostel stays …” (more)

[Galway Advertiser, 13 September]

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Around the Country, Students Get Creative to Fight for Housing

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Ireland“Student activists have had a hectic few years. Between the momentous victories that were the referendums on same-sex marriage and the eighth amendment, to Trinity students’ bold resistance of supplemental fees, student movements have recently seen unprecedented success. Since the repeal campaign reached its climax back in May, students have turned their attention to the next big issue: accommodation …” (more)

[Ciannait Khan, University Times, 10 September]

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Student Unions to Highlight Galway’s Rental Crisis in Eyre Square Sleepout

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Ireland“The GMIT and NUIG Student Unions, along with the One Galway Initiative will hold a Crisis Campout on Eyre Square tomorrow to highlight a critical shortage of student accommodation in the city …” (more)

[Galway Bay FM, 10 September]

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College students still flock to €750-a-month room … where six months’ rent must be paid upfront

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Ireland“Just days before the latest bunch of first years arrive at third-level campuses across the country, there is a steady flow of teenagers and parents to Michael Hogan’s house. The landlord has two rental properties in Limerick. One is already let for the upcoming academic year and Mr Hogan was busy when the Sunday Independent visited him last Thursday during an open viewing at his second house …” (more)

[Wayne O’Connor, Independent, 9 September]

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Rental scam targets students

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Ireland“A chara, – I recently encountered a scam that requires highlighting. The demand for accommodation in towns and cities that house third-level institutions has left parents, desperate for suitable accommodation for their children commencing their college life, vulnerable to this scam …” (more)

[John Connolly, Irish Times, 10 September]


DITSU Condemns Rising Accommodation Prices

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Ireland“Dublin Institute of Technology Students’ Union (DITSU) has condemned the rising cost of accommodation in Dublin, refusing to advertise private student complexes online or on campus. In a press statement, DITSU President Pierre Yimbog said …” (more)

[Aisling Marren, University Times, 7 September]

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Approval for Student Accommodation on site of Westwood Hotel in City

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Ireland“The demolition of the Westwood Hotel in Dangan in the city has been approved by An Bord Pleanála. NTM ROI Seed Capital LP sought the demolition of the hotel to make way for student accommodation with 394 bed spaces …” (more)

[Galway Bay FM, 7 September]

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USI to Fight Housing Crisis, Not Fees, at Annual March

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on September 7th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“The Union of Students’ in Ireland (USI) will this year join the march for housing, instead of organising its annual pre-budget march for education, amid an ongoing housing crisis. Raise the Roof, the march for housing, will be held on October 3rd, and will be advocating for housing for all …” (more)

[Eleanor O’Mahony, University Times, 6 September]

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NUIG reserves accommodation for Irish speaking students

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Ireland“Irish language speakers are to be allocated reserved places in student residences at NUI Galway as part of a scheme to boost the language at the university. The scheme includes Irish language student residences, which are described as ‘designated accommodation with reserved places for Irish-speaking students’ …” (more)

[Colin Gleeson, Irish Times, 6 September]

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Landlord who demanded €5,500 rent up front from mother of student to secure room says he felt ‘guilty’

Posted in Legal issues on September 3rd, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Renters are being forced to pay more than six months’ rent and thousands of euro to secure a bedroom as part of a trend emerging from the housing crisis. The Government is now coming under increasing pressure to protect renters from landlords demanding huge up-front lump sums …” (more)

[Wayne O’Connor, Independent, 2 September]


Housing crisis may have lead to drop in CAO points

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Ireland“It is believed a drop in points for college courses in round two of the CAO offers may be down to the housing crisis. Points have fallen for almost 50 courses in Trinity, DIT, UCC and UCD, with both Trinity and UCD seeing points go down in more than 20 courses, while UCC offered 16 courses on lower points and DIT offered 12 …” (more)

[Irish Examiner, 30 August]

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