Trinity To Be Sued Over New Book of Kells Ticketing System Contract

Posted in Legal issues on January 6th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The company in charge of ticket sales for the Book of Kells is suing Trinity in an attempt to stop the College from awarding the ticket system contract to another company. The company, Future Ticketing, has had the contract to run the ticketing system for the Book of Kells for several years, and now says that the tendering process Trinity is using to award the new contract is illegal, the has reported …” (more)

[Cormac Watson, University Times, 6 January]

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Patrick Prendergast: ‘Beacon of hope in docklands shows Ireland means business’

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Ireland“Last Friday’s news that the Government has endorsed plans to create a Grand Canal Innovation District in Dublin is a decisive step toward positioning Ireland as an innovation economy in the decades to come …” (more)

[Independent, 5 January]

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Government set to grant €150m towards new Trinity College ‘innovation district’

Posted in Governance and administration on January 3rd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The government looks set to grant €150m towards a new €1.1bn ‘innovation district’ attached to Trinity College Dublin’s city campus. The new district, which will be located close to Facebook, Google and other high-growth tech multinational firms, aims to replicate the business-friendly campuses of California, London and Paris by co-locating research facilities, startups and international companies in close proximity …” (more)

[Adrian Weckler, Independent, 3 January]


Government backs new €1bn Silicon Docks campus for Trinity College

Posted in Governance and administration on January 3rd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The Government has backed plans to part-fund a new €1 billion technology campus for Trinity College Dublin in the so-called Silicon Docks area of Dublin. It will announce on Friday that it is prepared to commit up to €150 million to develop the campus over the next decade as part of a wider plan to create a new innovation district …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 3 January]

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Impeachments, Referendums and a Boardroom Scandal: 10 Years at The University Times

Posted in Governance and administration on January 1st, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Tonight 2019 will end and we will hurtle headlong into a new decade, after 10 years that saw the world change irrevocably in more ways than it’s possible to fathom. Life as we know it has altered in almost every aspect over the course of the 2010s, with the only constant being the regularity of a shock around every corner. It has rarely been boring …” (more)

[Donal MacNamee and Cormac Watson, University Times, 31 December]


How Trinity changed this decade

Posted in Governance and administration on December 31st, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Trinity has undergone a tremendous amount of change in the past decade, and as we come to the end of 2019, it seems only right to reflect on the shake-ups that most affected staff and students in College over the last ten years …” (more)

[Eoin O’Donnell, Trinity News, 30 December]


Irish links to Chinese university at centre of protests

Posted in Governance and administration on December 20th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“A leading Chinese university with strong ties to UCD and TCD is at the centre of student and academic protests after it changed its charter to put a pledge of absolute loyalty to the ruling Communist Party above academic independence …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 20 December]

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Prof John Byrne: the man who turned Ireland into a tech world power

Posted in Life on December 20th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“TK Whitaker may be known as the man who made modern Ireland, but the highly respected civil servant wasn’t the only person who helped make the State what it is today …” (more)

[Charlie Taylor, Irish Times, 19 December]

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Irish universities secure six prestigious European research grants

Posted in Research on December 10th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Irish universities have secured six out of just over 300 lucrative European research grants which are awarded to the continent’s top scientists and scholars. The Irish performance is an improvement on the last round when there was just a single European Research Council (ERC) grant winner from Ireland …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 10 December]

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Trinity College the highest entrant on FT’s business school rankings

Posted in Governance and administration on December 9th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Trinity College Dublin is the highest new entrant on the FT’s European business schools ranking for the year. This marks the first time TCD has returned to the prestigious table since 2007. It is in 60th place in the ‘rankings of rankings’, a list covering a wide number of academic programmes including MBAs …” (more)

[Charlie Taylor, Irish Times, 9 December]

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Mary McAleese inaugurated as new chancellor of Trinity College

Posted in Governance and administration on December 7th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Former president of Ireland Prof Mary McAleese has been inaugurated as the new chancellor of Trinity College Dublin. She succeeds another former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, who was elected as first woman chancellor of TCD in 1998 and has held the post until now …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 6 December]

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Postgraduate and ‘casual’ teaching staff are taken for granted by Trinity

Posted in Governance and administration on December 4th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Contrary to popular belief, teaching and lecturing at university by no means automatically guarantees secure employment, ample time to pursue research, and a cosy office in which to do it. Over the past decade or so, especially since the recession in 2008/09, Irish universities, and indeed universities throughout the world, have begun to rely more and more on hourly paid or temporary staff to cover tutorials, seminars, lectures, and lab sessions …” (more)

[Trinity News, 3 December]

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Trinity has a seagull problem

Posted in Life on December 3rd, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Trinity students are living in fear. In the Arts Block, students whisper in huddled groups. At lunchtime, they sit on the floor together and cry into their Sprout salad boxes. In between lectures, they rush from one building to the next, anxiously looking over their shoulders at every turn. Students are being plagued by a winged monster: namely, the herring gull …” (more)

[Hugh Whelan, Trinity News, 2 December]

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Know what fuels your coffee break: The prison-industrial complex on our campus

Posted in Governance and administration on December 2nd, 2019 by steve

Ireland“‘Knowing what you own is the first step to aligning your investments with your values’, according to the Investigate Project, a research and information centre that seeks to learn how companies profit from and support state violence, and urges the public to investigate the human rights violations hidden in their investments. Students have continuously called upon Trinity to realign its investments and partnerships with their moral standards as a university in recent years, as Trinity’s business ventures come to light …” (more)

[Milena Barnes, Trinity News, 1 December]

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On Staffing, Trinity Has Become a Master at Normalising the Outrageous

Posted in Governance and administration on December 2nd, 2019 by steve

Ireland“When it comes to staffing in Trinity, it sometimes feels like every stone you turn up reveals more issues affecting the people working in the College. This week – when The University Times reported on a climate of ‘stagnation’ among technical and support staff unable to obtain promotions or progressions – was no exception …” (more)

[University Times, 1 December]

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For a ‘Global University’, Trinity Flounders on Erasmus

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on December 2nd, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Trinity is a global university, we’ve been told countless times over the past few years, and goes to great lengths to cultivate its own image on the international stage. On Twitter, Provost Patrick Prendergast posts photos of himself every month or two, shaking hands with some official in a far-flung university in Asia or Europe …” (more)

[University Times, 1 December]

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This Week, Cut the Rent Blinked Under Pressure. Its Movement Could be Over

Posted in Governance and administration on November 30th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“At a meeting this week, activist group Cut the Rent opted not to go ahead with a planned rent strike on campus in January. The news was met with a surprising lack of uproar. When Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) council initially voted not to support rent strikes (before U-turning a month later) students were outraged. But Cut the Rent’s decision to not launch the campaign it was set up to organise didn’t seem to ignite similar anger among students …” (more)

[Aoife Kearin, University Times, 29 November]

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Trinity increases spending on international student recruitment to €1.4 million

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on November 29th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“College spent over €1.4m on recruitment of non-EU undergraduate and postgraduate students during the 2018/19 financial year, starting October 1 2018 to July 31 of this year. The figures were obtained by a request under the Freedom of Information Act …” (more)

[Finn Purdy, Trinity News, 28 November]

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Trinity Needs a Drug Policy – And Badly

Posted in Governance and administration on November 29th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Two things struck me as strange when I started taking steps to set up a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy this year. First, I was surprised that a chapter didn’t already exist, given how popular drug use is among the student body. I’ve since learned that someone had tried to set up a chapter in 2015 but had been denied Central Societies Committee (CSC) recognition and faded into non-existence soon after …” (more)

[Eolann Davis, University Times, 28 November]

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Cut the Rent Opts Against Launching January Rent Strike on Campus

Posted in Governance and administration on November 28th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Activist group Cut the Rent, set up to build support for the idea of rent strikes on campus, will not launch a rent strike in January, the group announced at a meeting tonight …” (more)

[Emer Moreau and Donal MacNamee, University Times, 27 November]

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