Trinity College Dublin: A bulwark of Empire at the centre of the 1916 Rising

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Ireland“In the aftermath of the Rising, Major G A Harris, Adjutant of the Dublin University Officers’ Training Corps (OTC), was tasked with writing a report for the military authorities on the defence of Trinity College Dublin (TCD) during the period April 24 to May 6, 1916 …” (more)

[Ellen O’Flaherty, Irish Examiner, 18 January]

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It May Come as a Surprise, but Trinity Needs to do More to Support Students Beyond Academics

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Ireland“We are extremely fortunate to attend a university that cares. We are consistently told that if we need help or are struggling in college, there are so many people we can talk to, whether it be our professors, the student counselling service, tutors or one another. We know that we are looked after when it comes to academic needs. And yet according to a recent survey …” (more)

[Tom Myatt, University Times, 14 January]

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Phil Hogan works with third level colleges to develop technology in agriculture

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Ireland“The EU Commissioner Phil Hogan is meeting with representatives from third level colleges to discuss plans to develop technology in agriculture. Officials from the Waterford Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin were in Brussels today …” (more)

[, 14 January]

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Academics should not have to provide details of Israeli contacts

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Ireland“After a meeting of Trinity College Dublin’s Heads of Schools on December 9, a request was sent to college departments seeking ‘your help on the best way to collect data on existing formal and informal arrangements that your school and colleges may have with universities, research institutions, NGOs and government bodies in Israel and Palestine …'” (more)

[Kevin McCarthy, Irish Examiner, 13 January]

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Concerns About ‘Visual Impact’ of Trinity’s Oisín House Campus Accommodation Project

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Ireland“An Taisce, the national trust for Ireland, and Dublin City Council have both expressed concerns over Trinity’s planned €52 million Oisin House accommodation project …” (more)

[Dominic McGrath, University Times, 12 January]

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Trinity begins plans to construct technology campus

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Ireland“According to a tender notice, Trinity is seeking a construction consultant team ‘to project manage and design a building, or range of buildings, in a new Trinity Technology Campus’ …” (more)

[Conall Carlos Monaghan, Trinity News, 9 January]


TCD’s €52m development plan faces opposition

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Ireland“An Taisce and some Trinity College alumnae are opposed to a planned €52m redevelopment of an office block on Dublin’s Pearse Street that TCD wants to convert to student accommodation …” (more)

[John Mulligan, Independent, 7 January]


Exploring the question of gender disparity in academic positions

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Ireland“Gender breakdowns of various departments and faculties provided to Trinity News make for interesting reading. Trinity College Dublin continues to have a clear pattern of unequal promotion of academics between men and women in 2015, with considerable differences across schools and departments …” (more)

[Oisin Vince Coulter, Trinity News, 6 January]

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The Provosts of Trinity College Dublin: 335 years of the good, bad and indifferent

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Ireland“Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I but it was not until 1845 that the first history of it was published, by WBS Taylor. Nine histories later we have much information on the Provosts who headed the college over the years …” (more)

[Peter Boyle, Irish Times, 5 January]

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Funding cuts putting third-level sector under pressure

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Ireland“The Higher Education Authority has concluded a series of performance agreements with each of the State’s universities, institutes of technology and other third-level colleges …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 4 January]

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How Trinity Can Save its Green Flag

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Ireland“Trinity’s Green Flag is a silent landmark. On a good day it seems to be absorbed into the surrounding atmosphere of evening social drinkers, who recline on the grass that matches the flag’s own similarly coloured boldness …” (more)

[Paul Glynn, University Times, 3 January]


Trinity College planning new addition to technology campus

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Ireland“One of the country’s biggest universities is planning to extend its technology facilities, adding around 30,000 square metres of teaching and research buildings …” (more)

[Sarah McCabe, Independent, 3 January]


Criminologist who argued for a humane justice system

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Ireland“Paul O’Mahony, who has died aged 69, was an eminent psychologist, criminologist and campaigner for the more progressive and constructive treatment of prisoners. He published six books and a wide range of articles, with a particular focus on the criminal justice system in Ireland …” (more)

[Irish Times, 2 January]

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Irish third-level colleges generate €4 for each €1 spent

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Ireland“Third-level colleges generate €4 for every €1 they spend, and seven jobs for each person they employ, a study suggests. The jobs impact of Dublin’s three universities is higher on the capital than the impact other universities have on their regions …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 28 December]

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Higher education’s contribution to Irish economy tops €10 billion a year

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Ireland“The Republic of Ireland’s higher education institutions contribute €10.6 billion (£7.8 billion) a year to the country’s economy, a new study indicates. The report by economists from Trinity College Dublin also found that higher education supports 150,000 jobs in the country …” (more)

[Jack Grove, Times Higher Education, 28 December]

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Everyone wants to go to college – but who will pay?

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on December 20th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“A leaked report this week called for a student loan scheme to solve the chronic underfunding of universities. Would it stop standards dropping or prove unworkable …” (more)

[Kim Bielenberg, Independent, 20 December]

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College to Introduce Lactation Spaces for Student and Staff Parents

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Ireland“A number of lactation and breastfeeding spaces for the use of student and staff parents are in the process of being established in College. While the project is still in the early stages of development …” (more)

[Jack Hartnet, Irish Times, 16 December]

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Until the Revolution Comes, Working Group Loan Recommendations Aren’t So Bad

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Ireland“The current model of education funding in Ireland is unsustainable. That much ought to be obvious. Wholesale, severe cuts to university budgets, and the reduction in the size of departments and academic staff, accompanied by a commensurate increase in staff–student ratios, have plagued Irish universities since the onset of the recession …” (more)

[Cathal Kavanagh, University Times, 16 December]

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US student housing investor to enter Dublin student housing sector

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Ireland“A US property investor has taken its first step in to the Dublin student housing market with the purchase of the ‘Mill Street Building’ Dublin 8 …” (more)

[Irish Building Magazine, 16 December]

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Trinity’s Admissions Study is Still Fundamentally Flawed

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Ireland“On November 22nd, in an article entitled ‘Trinity Admissions Study to Place Less Emphasis on Personal Statement from Next Year’, The University Times reported some vague and evasive statements by Prof Patrick Geoghegan, former Senior Lecturer and project sponsor of the study …” (more)

[John McAvoy, University Times, 15 December]

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