QS Student Cities

Introduced in 2012, cities are ranked for attractiveness to students. In the first run of this ranking, Dublin was ranked 8th (equal with Berlin).

However, in 2013/14 it had sunk to 15th equal (results here).

For 2015 it had sunk further to 32nd.

For 2016 it was 37th.

For 2017 it was 31st.

“What makes a city preferable over another for a given person is of course subjective (within reason). However, while the amount of emphasis you attach to each of them will vary depending on your circumstances, interests and priorities, we believe our criteria are all of great importance to the vast majority of prospective students: Rankings, Student Mix, Quality of Living, Employer Activity, and Affordability. As in all QS rankings, you are encouraged to look at the full range of tables to seek out the information that is most useful to you. …” (more)


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