US News and World Report

In 2014  US News and World Report, which had for many years previously ranked US universities, added a global ranking. “The Best Global Universities rankings are research based, except for two indicators, each with a 5% weighting, that count PhD degrees. They are also heavily citation oriented, with a huge 42.5% weighting going to citations. However, the US News staff have used their common sense and included four measures of citations, normalized citation impact, total citations, number of highly cited papers and percentage of highly cited papers” (Richard Holmes, University Ranking Watch, 31 October 2014). 750 institutions are now ranked.

Institution World rank 2016 World rank 2014
 1 TCD  202 210=
 2 UCD  253= 276=
3 UCC  412 422
3 NUIG  454=
3 DCU  708=

There is also a ranking for individual subjects.  Irish institutions featuring in this:

Subject Institution World rank 2016 World rank 2014
Agricultural Sciences UCD 41 42=
Immunology TCD 72 71
Materials Science TCD 77
Neuroscience and Behaviour TCD 87= 88
Psychiatry/Psychology TCD 129=
Molecular Biology and Genetics TCD 129=
Biology and Biochemistry UCD 193=
Chemistry TCD 200=
Social Sciences and Public Health TCD 212=
Clinical Medicine TCD 213=
Biology and Biochemistry TCD 230=
Chemistry UCD 246=  –
Agricultural Sciences UCC 42=

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