College will fight on for recognition

“A High Court challenge by an internet-based third level college to gain official recognition from authorities has been struck out, writes Tim Healy. Warnborough College had sought leave to judicially review a decision by the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) not to agree quality assurance procedures with the college …” (more)

[Independent, 11 November]

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  1. Dr. Julian Ng Says:

    Statement from Warnborough College Ireland (WCI) Following the High Court Leave to take Judicial Review against the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) – 10 November 2008.

    WCI welcomes the outcome of the High Court hearing in Dublin which now permits the College to present a new application for accreditation. Judge J.Gilligan, in making his order required all costs be paid by HETAC.

    WCI was founded in 1997 and submitted its application for accreditation of its Quality Assurance Manual in September 2006. WCI was confident of meeting HETAC regulations in regard to quality assurance. The delay in HETAC making decisions about the WCI Quality Assurance Manual was highly coloured by hearsay in regard to WCI and its directors. The decisions made by HETAC were done so in isolation of WCI having any opportunity of responding to the hearsay aspects of the application. On the other hand, WCI has always been willing to meet with HETAC to discuss concerns that they may have about WCI, but this has always been denied. The review process should have taken about 6 months and in the end it has taken 26 months to obtain today’s court order. WCI initiated this application to take judicial review because of a statement in the External Panel’s report which recommended that HETAC “desist from any contact with WCI or related entities for the foreseeable future”.

    Today’s order allows WCI to make an entirely new application to be
    reviewed by an external panel. The case also highlighted a number of anomalies in the HETAC procedures, namely:

    1. That HETAC did not have an appeals process.

    2. The External Panel that HETAC convened to assess the WCI application was provided beforehand with various documents which were biased against WCI including several newspaper articles which were highly prejudicial.

    WCI and its directors are looking forward to processing the new application for accreditation of its Quality Manual and introducing in due course accredited programmes for its extensive Irish and international clientele.

  2. Dr. Julian Ng Says:

    Warnborough College (UK) Receives Accreditation

    Warnborough College (UK) based in Canterbury was recently accredited as a Premier College by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC). ASIC is recognised in the UK by the Department for Universities, Innovation and Skills (DUIS), and has a government mandate to accredited colleges to ensure they conform with UK laws, by offering genuine courses with high academic standards which lead to recognised qualifications. This assurance is essential for students and to protect the perceived quality of UK education.

    The College’s accreditation signifies compliance with the new Tier 4 ruling required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) from April 2009.

  3. Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg Says:

    In August 2017 Warnborough College (Ireland) became a recognised ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education) satellite centre (ID 1128) to provide an online academic pathway for enty into UK universities for UK awards in Business Studies up to and including the MBA degree. This further attests to the academic standing of Warnborough College (Ireland).

  4. Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg Says:

    Erasmus + Capacity Building – Irish organisations to share nearly Euros 8m
    for projects involving UCD, UCC, UL, DCU, TCD, DIT, LIT, IADT, Universal Systems Ltd., and Warnborough College Ltd. This achievement attests to the consistent high performance of Irish Higher Education. Well done.
    Dr B D Tempest-Mogg
    Executive Director, International Vocational Education & Training Association (IVETA)

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