Monthly Archives: February 2009

Waterford’s case for a university
French Government Backs Down Amid Protests Over Higher-Education Proposals
Drunks lead university authorities to withdraw support for rag
California Legislation Would Tie College Executives’ Pay to Tuition
In Tough Times, the Humanities Must Justify Their Worth
QUB: No Irish Need Apply
Foreign students leaving UK debts
UCU says teaching excellence needs to be properly rewarded
Morrissey to be celebrated by Irish University
No Lobbying Needed
Tánaiste defends €24m research spend
Oz elite damn review as a ‘road map to mediocrity’
MPs attack top universities for failing to open doors to poorest students
NUIG withdraws its support for rag week because of ‘unruly behaviour’
Backing for appliance of science to UK strengths
Ministers won’t say the F-word – it’s up to us to make the case for fees
Delay cost student his place in Trinity
Mooted change to discipline rules stirs Cambridge debate
Students’ sense of entitlement angers academics
Investing in high value knowledge