Misrepresentation 101: Sexuality Courses Under Attack

“As a grad student in the humanities during an economic crisis, I feel that I’m constantly having to defend the ‘usefulness’ of what I do. The insinuation seems to be that because my chosen field doesn’t build houses, cure the sick and dying, or create vast sums of money, it isn’t as deserving of university funding. Public and private endowments should be funnelled into more ‘practical’ majors and fields, and frequently are. I could write a book (and indeed a lot of good books have been written) about how flawed this logic is, but instead I’d like to focus on the latest victim of the ‘usefulness doctrine’ – courses in queer theory and sexuality. Certain lawmakers in the state of Georgia, which is facing a $2.2 million budget shortfall, are outraged that tax dollars are being spent on state college courses whose subjects include queer theory and human sexuality. They seem most up in arms about courses that discuss oral sex and male prostitution …” (more)

[Adventures in Gradland, 19 February]

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