UCD+TCD research merger may be delayed

“The government is under intense pressure to postpone the announcement of a research merger between University College Dublin (UCD) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) after a furious reaction from other universities. Taoiseach Brian Cowen – who has been closely involved in the process – was expected to announce details of the merger next week. But UCC president Dr Michael Murphy said yesterday the merger could ‘potentially threaten the integrity of the Irish university community’ and create a two-tier system. University presidents at Maynooth, Limerick, Galway and at Dublin City University have also expressed unease about the development …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 7 March]

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One Response to “UCD+TCD research merger may be delayed”

  1. Marie Heraughty Says:

    I am currently in China marketing Irish education as an excellent system in all universities although I am not unaware that there can be marginal differences. I am appalled at the news of the research merger. This totally undermines trust in the two universities concerned and I am an alumni of one regrettably. This is a totally snobbish Dublin south-sider action in my opinion and the Government needs to know that while up to now I would have thought there is little choice out there unfortunately, they have now received my vote of NO CONFIDENCE. While in UCD I had a poor student experience. Many current UCD students share this experience as we share accommodation and discuss this frequently. In fact I live beside UCD and had the choice of applying for a position there but listening to people working there and the poor staff morale, coupled with personal experience of its HR office, I decided there are far better options elsewhere, Universities where people matter. University is not all about research and education is not all about remedying the economy, it is primarily about students and education. The chance to do my MA in NUIG opened my eyes to a better, more human university education. This was followed by close to 10 years of working at UL. UCC Graduates have consistently impressed me, so is everyone now outside the Pale to become second-class citizens?

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