Twitter feedback to help Government rate universities

UK“The Government has confirmed that it is to launch an official annual university league table, using measures such as students’ personal feedback on their lecturers via the website Twitter. After years of concern about the growing influence of newspapers on annual university league tables, a senior Whitehall source has told Times Higher Education that plans for an official table will be unveiled in its framework for the future of higher education, due to be published in the summer. ‘The framework is designed to set the policy scene before the review of tuition fees, which will begin later in 2009,’ said the source. ‘But whatever happens on fees, it is clear from our reviews of the future of higher education that students need better-quality information before making choices about where to study – and existing students’ views will be the key driver of this annual table’ …” (more)

[Sarah Cunnane, Times Higher Education, 1 April]

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