Cancellation of euthanasia talk

Ireland“Michael O’Driscoll’s letter (April 13th) unfairly dismisses euthanasia as a threat to society akin to child abuse or infanticide. To presume that life must be extended to its unnatural limits – simply for the sake of preservation – makes little sense and is certainly not humane. No one would seriously suggest that we encourage people to end their lives, but that is not the purpose or effect of euthanasia. Systems can be put in place to allow people who are of sound mind to make decisions for their own reasons without outside pressure. Euthanasia is not about killing sick people but rather about allowing individuals to control their own passing. Murder is a reprehensible act, but no more so than forcing people to struggle on in pain and depression simply because we feel they should …” (more)

[Conor Malone, Irish Times, 15 April]

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