No Fees Decision Until After June Elections

Ireland“Today we hear that no tough decision will be taken on fees until after June 5th. Perhaps it was last night’s Prime Time segment on how middle income earners would be put off university with the abolition of fees. We won’t know about the decision but we will get an idea of just what we mean by fairness and tough decisions. Third level is at once the holy grail and a financial drain for this government. Last night on Prime Time the rather bizzare debate between USI’s Shane Kelly and Fianna Fail’s Timmy Dooley caught the most of my attention. Addled as I was from the easter break I couldn’t fathom why a back bencher was taken on to debate proposals that government have not even seen yet (though the pretence that we don’t know what we will do regarding 3rd level fees is growing tiresome) …” (more)

[Irish Election, 15 April]

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