Tackling higher education’s leadership scarcity

USA“Higher education leadership search committees are faced with an uncomfortable reality: it is increasingly difficult to find superior candidates. In addition, once a position is filled, another pain point often emerges – the average number of years that a leader stays in a particular position continues to decline. What was once considered questionable or marginal tenure in a role is becoming increasingly common and accepted. It is no less concerning, however – three years, for example, remains a very short time to demonstrate substantive leadership impact. This smaller pool of qualified candidates – some of whom then go on to have relatively short tenures after assuming their positions – impacts on colleges and universities in two direct, significant ways. First, the process of conducting searches needs to be more strategic and rigorous, and second, institutions must learn how to grow leadership talent with more purpose and care …” (more)

[David Mead-Fox, University World News, 19 April]

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