The Academic ‘Gold Standard’ – Dumbing Down the Academy

Ireland“The recent drive by agencies like Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to enhance Ireland’s reputation in ‘globally recognised research excellence’ and achieve ‘nationally significant economic outputs’ has come under the microscope as the economy in Ireland heads sharply downhill. The Irish Government has already spent considerable amounts of public funds to allow Irish universities to compete internationally in research excellence and have made some progress in this regard. But many are now asking how this success is to be appropriately evaluated and quantified. What is excellence in research and what is the appropriate ‘gold standard’ for evaluation and suitable output for determining a dividend for the economy? It is no surprise that the most ardent defenders of bibliometric analysis of research standards of excellence through peer review are those who openly excel under these universally accepted criteria …” (more)

[Watchdog on Higher Education in Ireland, 23 April]

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