Monthly Archives: May 2009

Under-strain universities told to clear all debts within year
TCD-UCD ‘innovation alliance’ expected to cost over €1bn
Ministry recruits 2,000 foreign scholars
Out of puff or more protests to come?
Re-assessing the professions
Research identifies problem-drinkers on campus
Research expectations being set
Research hogs ‘rort’ the system
Too smart for our own good
What would the Conservatives do for education? It’s not entirely clear
Ageing professors leave a vacuum
Preparing for the Non-Academic Interview
Full-time academics at universities in France, Germany, UK and US
Tuition fees and middle income earners
Tories claim poor face learning bias
Overuse of professorships cheapens title, warns lecturer
President McAleese highlights role of Science Foundation Ireland in cultivating our ‘most valuable of natural resources’
QUB New Library, nearly complete
Your future in your hands??
A place for students