The RAE – what would we talk about without it?

UK“I don’t seem to get as many envelopes as I once did. So when one arrives, I can’t stop myself filling the back of it with some speedy calculations. I’ve just used a nice manila A4 to see what the financial impact of the recent research assessment exercise (RAE) will be for my department. If you must ask, we received an exceptionally high score, thank you. And so, you might think, the gold will be flowing in our direction. Not quite. For a while I’ve been floating the idea that the RAE should be abolished, at least for the humanities (different considerations apply in the sciences), and replaced with a system in which each researcher who meets a certain threshold for research quality should be funded on an equal basis. In fact, the current RAE has, without meaning to, almost achieved this …” (more)

[Jonathan Wolff, Guardian, 5 May]

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