Monthly Archives: July 2009

Tribunal told of DCU lecturer’s blog
Engaging the politicians
College president denies attempt to ‘gag’ lecturer
Chickens come home to roost as recession bites
Simmering university dispute boils over with ‘Nazi’ blog posts
Students quarantined with suspected swine flu
Business students taking time to reflect
Did you see the big bubble in Trinity College today?
Student outrage as grants are frozen
Publisher ‘threat’ to open access
FG unveils plan to attract international students
Fury as thousands of farmers’ children to lose college grants
Lecturers’ beliefs on duties ‘disturbing’
UCC and IMI begin merger negotiations
A law of motion: scientists follow the money
60,000 students hit by grants freeze
A Festival of Ideas
Least well-off to be hit by college grant changes
From where I sit – Measuring the unmeasurable
Numbers applying for study grants will soar