Daily Archives: 13 August, 2009

Prostitute by night, college kid by day
Decrease in Numbers Taking Higher Level Maths & Science for Leaving Certificate Results a Barrier to Developing Knowledge Economy – American Chamber of Commerce
Low uptake may put US investment ‘at risk’
UHI’s Gaelic-language strategy sets standard
Cabinet to hear O’Keeffe’s options on third-level fees
Short-term goals will damage our long-term health and strength
Students will oppose any college fees as O’Keeffe defends plan
A threat to scientific communication
Swine flu response teams prepare for college outbreak
‘No student has ever been unfairly graded by me’
O’Keeffe faces maths problem
Curriculum change to tackle maths problem
Students oppose loan, tax schemes
Tories told: Scrap education quangos and save £600m
Science students will face practical tests in new plan
Key university departments could ‘implode’ without foreign students