College fee payback ‘option’ for Greens

Ireland“The Green Party has refused to rule out a graduate repayment scheme for students, even though it officially opposes the return of college fees. Yesterday, the Greens protested strongly against third-level fees in the face of Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe’s apparent plans to re-introduce them. However, the party did not specifically oppose a graduate repayments scheme …” (more)

[Fionnan Sheahan, Independent, 19 August]


  • The Greens have proven themselves to be a venal single-issue pressure group, willing to be suborned by the merest sniff of green energy, and to agree to the lowest possible political abasement, supporting the theft of medical care from the elderly and justifying the closure of wards in children’s hospitals. I like their environmental ideas, but I don’t want to meet any of the present crew in this life or the next.

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