Will the new head of the HE watchdog take on universities?

UK“… Another of the charges levelled at the QAA is that it only looks at the quality of the processes of higher education, not the standards of the degrees awarded. He answers that charge: ‘What’s overlooked – and perhaps this is a communications lesson for the QAA and the sector – is that review is only one part of what the QAA does. A significant amount of what the QAA does is its work in the academic infrastructure, which is exactly about subject benchmarks, programme specifications, qualification framework. What it doesn’t do, and where I wouldn’t want it to go, is try to impose working in a model of a national curriculum for higher education. That would strike at the heart of what’s one of the great strengths of the system, which is that institutions are independent, they are autonomous and they have that fundamental responsibility for what they teach. But they don’t do that in a vacuum …'” (more)

[Polly Curtis, Guardian, 29 September]

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