Daily Archives: 06 October, 2009

Students in the South Fight Against Fees
European Commission wants total overhaul of research policy to close gap with US, others
Lecturers get ‘scruffy’ jeans ban
Protestant brain drain … again!
Oxford professors ‘hacked into emails’
Law to back academic freedom
Protestants and universities: the students hit back
Reading, reading, reading
Educated women ‘aid long life’
Amazon Comes to Academic Publishing
Education cuts reversal key to keep Greens in coalition
The End of German Studies – Who Cares?
For the sake of the unemployed, spare education more cuts
Irish business school in FT top 100 rankings
File under – ‘Silly comments by middle-aged university managers’
1,000 college places for students with disabilities
Display of innovation in science
The future of legal education – part 2: gazing in the crystal ball
The man who ‘knows more than anyone about Irish education’