Daily Archives: 26 January, 2010

USI Questions Relevance of ESRI Report on Cost of Participation in Higher Education
Marketa Tokova, 26: ‘Erasmus is too vague’
New Online Journal From AAUP Will Focus on Academic Freedom
Journal of Serendipitous and Unexpected Results
UCC in strong mental position ahead of indoor intervarsities
University extends its campus ban on social network website
New UCC website to address students’ depressive symptoms
Humanist chaplains head to the UK
Facebook campaign against A-level exam paper
John Yoo’s ‘Secret Class’
Eastern Area Officer Mid Year Report
Too many universities, or too few?
Service staff children miss out on college
Without warning, Batt kills off delicate, 102-year-old NUI
Abolition of NUI
Female Undergraduates Continue to Outnumber Men, but Gap Holds Steady
Has Ireland dropped the ball on attracting international students?
Death and Devastation Haunt Haiti’s Shattered Universities
State in ‘emotional blackmail’ of public sector staff
Would you like a ‘super-university’?