Daily Archives: 08 February, 2010

College grants ‘debacle’
Evidence on the effect of educational finances on participation
Universities see rise in applications from older people
Dr Richard Vedder, Productivity in Higher Education
Chinese university to teach Irish
Official Opening of EPA-funded NUI Galway Water Research Facility
Students offered luxury living
Lazy students take the cake … but why not?
In Hollywood, hackers are mostly ‘good guys’
Ramshackle governance?
Book of … where?
Record numbers of students apply to university, UCAS figures show
USI Outraged as Thousands of Students Still Wait for Maintenance Grants
UCC/Tyndall Best in the World in Microelectronics
USI launches safer sex campaign
Universities face crisis as cuts crash in on academia
Two-tier system should replace ‘ramshackle’ university governance
State of the art Languages Facility Opens at UL
O’Keeffe plan to scrap NUI faces major new delays
‘The Secret of Kells’ reopens ancient row