Daily Archives: 10 February, 2010

USI boss says capping numbers will not work
Higgins calls for Dáil debate on crisis affecting those returning to education
EU to reveal 2020 strategic R&D stimulus plan
‘Bologna Reforms: The Case of Physics’
International education needs fixing
The Truth About the ‘Crisis’ in Higher Education Finance
The Limits of Bioethics
Stop funding Mickey Mouse degrees, says top scientist
We have failed the university challenge
Labour’s dumb university cuts
Maths Anxiety Among Young Girls
How repeating Leaving Cert affects points
Charles Institute moves ahead on research into skin disease at UCD
Universities recruit students with inadequate English
Visa rules change but the door remains open
Barrett preaches patience in State funding
Education as a tool for affecting the future
Oxford professor ‘tried to block colleague’s promotion’
Much Ado About Email Spoofing; Climate Economist Has Email Hijacked
Philosophers Push Campaign Against Limits on Hiring Gay Professors