Daily Archives: 21 February, 2010

Purcell Cup final
Ashbourne Cup final
Ashbourne Shield and Purcell Shield
Universities told to consider dope tests as student use of ‘smart drugs’ soars
New demand to introduce college fees
Higher education: winning over a sceptical public
Twitter for scientists launched online
Amy Bishop: why no red flags were waved
Universities face budget cuts
Dilemma over academic meeting in Uganda
A Case for Tenure That Some See as Falling Short
Chinese institutions tied to online attacks
Financial crisis hits universities
Scrap middle-class bursaries, universities told
Sacked professor back in the news
UCLA Drops Copyrighted Videos From Course Web Sites After Legal Threat
University Tech Transfer Proving Recession Proof?
More researchers in developing countries
Aiming for 5,000 foreign PhDs
Science and Violence: The Career of Amy Bishop