Sweden Will Start Charging Tuition to Foreign Students Next Year

“The Swedish government announced on Friday that, beginning in the fall of 2011, foreign students from outside the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland will be charged tuition at Swedish universities. As is still the case in a handful of other European countries, including much of Germany, tuition at public universities in Sweden is free and fully subsidized through taxes, with no distinction made for foreign students …” (more)

[Aisha Labi, Chronicle of Higher Education, 21 February]


  • its good since the government has decided to do so am from nigeria.

  • As the circumstance going around, in the world, its very tuff for mid and low level of socity to study and serviour for their livehood in that its very difficult to earned and educat children..
    On different aspect u also needed to do so to make more and more money or funds..
    But think on the point that y this place have more noble prize then other no douth standerd matter but if its cost less then motivational level is hight among the people who r 80 % in this earth…
    rest 20% never bother if fees r their or not high or low…….
    bcoz they r not sufferent like rest of 80 %..
    If fees r asked from forgin students then they might quit from studies bcoz rest of the institution have too much tutition fees…
    so if considering those and charge is also fruit ful and benefed for every one students and unversities…….

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