Daily Archives: 01 July, 2010

If not University, what else?
PhD in New Media and Film launched by NUI Galway and UL
Lecturer bids to quash bat sex complaint
Top French Schools, Asked to Diversify, Fear for Standards
Fusion reactor set to raid Europe’s research funds
Thursday is TechDay: The nerdness continuum
Taoiseach meets with Harvard president to discuss innovation
Experts Debate Fairness of Criminal-Background Checks on Students
Lecturer in bat-sex row takes fight to High Court
Poetry needs to be protected from agendas – Clifton
Developing the third role at third level to benefit economy
Impact hostility is ‘melting away’
So, is a degree still worth the investment?
Is it plagiarism? Well, it is rather difficult to say
Scientists ‘must talk to sceptical public’
Students must pay in order to graduate
‘Quick payoffs wrong path’ for education: Harvard Head calls for long view
Dramatic Growth of Open Access: June 30, 2010 (brief version)
Teens benefit from early taste of college life
Review of Harvard Scholar’s Arrest Cites Failure to Communicate