Daily Archives: 19 October, 2010

UCD staff buy pensions at 1% rate
You mean there’s a better use for it?
Leading figures from Ireland’s software sector converge for collaborative showcase
University budget approved despite SU misgivings
UCD 0-2 Dundalk: Students Lose the Battle but Win the War
Oxford University reveals interview questions
Do we want a tiered higher education system?
What do you want to ask David Willetts, the Tory universities minister?
Waterford a world leader in maths promotion
A Blogger’s Creed
Do Colleges Need French Departments?
Cal State Bans Students From Using Online Note-Selling Service
‘No scope for redundancies’ at largest institutes
Students face a battle for places
Teacher’s Pet
Students in Belfast rally over plan to double tuition fees
Secrets and lies: is a lot of medical research bunk?
Where is the government’s mandate to change the world of higher education?
Majority of 1,600 nursing graduates forced to work abroad, says union
Teaching work should go to newly qualified, says union