Daily Archives: 17 February, 2011

Fine Gael’s stance on Stem Cell research
Overt discrimination in science ‘pretty well gone’
Merger with Cork poses concerns for WIT’s future
USI Welcomes Labour’s Commitment to Scrapping PLC Reg Fee and Reducing Student Service Charge
UCD Student Arrested for Anti-Fees Protest last November
New world order – Internationalisation has boosted Europe’s academic clout
New Irish university president
It ain’t broke – Plans to discourage foreign students threaten a successful British business
Coughlan’s major U-turn as nurse row gets political
Count the collateral damage
Teachers’ groups broadly welcome FF and Labour education plans
Rugby star O’Kelly talks about maths passion
Impossible to abolish college fees, admits Labour
Coughlan rules out ‘graduate tax’ under Fianna Fáil
Labour will reinvest in education priorities
Sexist college events part III: Result!
Programme 83, Education Spokespersons
New Geography of Global Innovation: Low student interest in science & engineering a challenge for G-7 countries
Thousands protest over Glasgow University ‘course cuts’
Opinion divided over college fees