Daily Archives: 25 February, 2011

‘Hundreds’ of Trinity students denied chance to vote
UK government to delay higher eduction plans
USI Urges Students to Vote
Plagiarism in the 21st century
FG’s plan to ‘tax’ graduates faces legal challenge
Historic patent deal within Europe’s reach
Hiring academics
DCU students embrace next generation of Wi-Fi technology
Ofqual head: End paper exams for digital generation
Social Media Lure Academics Frustrated by Journals
Hefce likely to lessen the impact
Universities need ‘student charters’ to justify top fees
Fewer universities with one big brand leader known as the University of Ireland is in the wider national interest
Top public sector staff escape 10% pay cuts
A question of standards
Aspiring medical students prepare for aptitude test
At the heart of the campus?
Stranded DCU professor arrives back in Dublin
The next generation needs to be able to innovate by embracing failure and learning from its mistakes
Hibernia College to hire 25 staff