Daily Archives: 05 March, 2011

UCC 0-10 UUJ 0-07
Dudgeon to launch Ulster Unionist bid for Seanad seat
NUI Seanad Candidates’ Include Secret FFers, FGers, et al
Despots and academia: more scandals ‘likely’
Speaking of Volumes
School secretaries vote for industrial action over wage cuts
Tenure track system
Academic Freedom Triumphs, Weiler Wins in French Court
Unions vow to fight university proposals to axe up to 95 staff
EU raids ebook publishers in price fixing investigation
Queen’s University cannot allow free speech to be stifled
Dozens arrested as ‘rag week’ students cause havoc
Focus on philanthropy
College connector
Libya: LSE feared ’embarrassing’ Gaddafi’s son over donation
Sugar’s right-hand man tells students fees rise is an ‘outrage’
LSE’s lesson in accountability
Hosts’ hopes dashed by defiant UCC
FG to get the prize of finance ministry