Daily Archives: 15 April, 2011

Free education must end warns Trinity Provost
Research Holds Up Well In Final 2011 Agreement
Smith appointed Fianna Fáil Spokesperson Education and Skills
London Met may cut more than half of degree courses
Education Minister must Review Student Grant Changes to Avoid Drop Outs – USI
France crafts ‘new university’
Regulation, Regulation, Regulation
Maynooth says academia can gain from closer ties to industry
Croke deal traps could cause chaos, says union
Pegasus will be wary of UCD threat
Harte and son-in-law attend Dalai Lama address
Six Gaelic jobs axed at Highland university
Almost 1,700 attend cosmonaut’s talk
Taking charge of your own university rankings
£9,000 fees ‘seen as status symbols’ for top universities
Science, Engineering and Technology Research Funding Policy in Ireland 1995-2008: A Policy Document Analysis
Arms of the Irish Universities