Monthly Archives: June 2011

Two universities may opt out of state system
Classics at Royal Holloway under threat
The threat to the UK teaching universities is real and imminent
Tackling basic literary skills
Commission proposes €80bn for next Framework Programme
DCU journalism course to allot more time to basic writing skills
Tuition fees in Scotland for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Free app has the cite stuff for REF
University governance review in Scotland
Are the BBC’s academics a good reflection of new public thinkers?
It’s impact factor time!
E-book publishers to gain access to 15,000 libraries
Scottish universities to be allowed to charge £9k for students from rest of UK
Risks in unreliable rankings
Is full-blown privatisation of higher education a progressive policy?
Higher education white paper: who are the winners and losers?
Students urged to apply as soon as possible for Student Grant Scheme – 38,000 students expected to apply on line
Third Level Grants
Digital literacy strong in Irish youths
University of Melbourne a model for Trinity College Dublin