Croke Park Agreement Progress Report – 3rd level

Here are the main passages of special relevance to 3rd level institutions.

Changing work practices and increasing productivity: Many public servants are now working longer hours to boost productivity and to ensure improvements in the delivery of services to the public. The Body found evidence of efficiency gains with public services being maintained, and in some cases expanded or improved, with fewer resources. Examples include … The Higher Education sector, where numbers employed in the Institutes of Technology are on course for a 7.5% reduction by December 2011, while student numbers have continued to rise (student numbers rose by 12.5% over the two years to end 2010). Similarly, Universities have seen their staff numbers drop by 6% in the two years to end 2010, while student numbers have risen by 3% over the same period.

Additional working hours in the Education Sector: As well as enabling school managements to maintain services with reduced numbers and budgets, teachers and lecturers are working additional hours as provided for in the Agreement … In the Institutes of Technology, Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers will have additional lecturing and contact time with students. These blocks of additional time, will be used to maintain and improve education delivery. Under the Agreement teachers and lecturers are providing additional hours as follows at no additional cost to the Exchequer … Some 9,500 academic staff in Institutes of Technology and universities will be working an additional 26-35 hours per year. This amounts to a total of 250,000 hours per annum. The estimated value of these hours is €15m annually.

Achieving efficiencies through shared service: … Also in the Education Sector, a number of other initiatives are being taken to deliver savings through the introduction of shared services and joint procurement … [An] initiative among a Dublin group of universities and Institutes of Technology has achieved a 40% reduction in the unit cost of electricity for 2010. Savings for TCD alone within this tender are estimated to be in the order of €1m. In the Mid-West, savings of up to 36% were achieved for industrial gas purchases in a tender involving nine third level institutions. A joint project involving universities, Institutes of Technology and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with an existing spend of over €11m on library journals and periodicals has delivered a 15% saving against existing pricing.

The full report is here.

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