Daily Archives: 22 June, 2011

‘Blasphemous’ exhibit sparks international outrage, before it’s even begun
The dubious second Employment Control Framework is revised
Revised Employment Control Framework
Trinity Excels in Chemistry and Physics World Rankings
Taoiseach Enda Kenny announces the alliance between University College Cork and the Irish Management Institute
UCC must ensure religious tolerance
Universities invite private college to step into their ‘back office’
Here comes Impact
Leighton Andrews: University of Wales ‘let Wales down’
Controversial third-level hiring rules amended
1,400 job cuts in third-level sector
Colleges win battle to halt ‘Soviet-style’ cuts
Irish higher education: employment control moderated
University on strike over cuts
Revised Employment Control Framework for Higher Education Sector
HEA warns colleges against charging extra for splitting fees
Developing a framework for research management professionals
Questions Arising About Social Media in Education
Boston College fights legal bid over IRA interviews
Trinity Long Room Hub Building Shortlisted for Architecture Award