Daily Archives: 25 June, 2011

File may be sent to the DPP over ‘blasphemous’ UCC exhibition
The Humanities: Going Down Without a Fight
Universities no longer deserve funding
Cork Blasphemy Case: Gardai Confirm File to be sent to Director of Public Prosecutions
Education system ‘needs to foster passion for science’
‘Our Lady’ image protests continue
Leading academic and authority on agribusiness and entrepreneurship
College ‘concern’ at plight of medics
Ex-NCAD head and champion of disability design
UCD end their bad run with battling draw
Broadcaster credits home town as university honours career
Private colleges better value as universities languish in ‘ridiculously long vacations’, former minister suggests
Tuition fees increases to be challenged in court
Blasphemy at University of Cork
Stem Cell Briefs Probe Whether Grants ‘Incentivize’ Embryo Destruction