Daily Archives: 18 August, 2011

Irish facing uphill challenge at World University Games
Irish students face arrest for faking age on passports
Strong NI A-Level performance
Scholar points finger at administrators in a case of deadly bloat
Libraries reject ‘raw deal’ on e-journals
Einstein never failed maths, by the way: musings on the Leaving Cert
Four Irish students deported from US for altering passports
Few students from Republic take courses in Northern Ireland
Promoting Academic Integrity
A-level results: maths and science surge ‘due to Brian Cox effect’
Ireland Needs More Mathematicians in our Algoworld
Dept of Education rejects Irish Independent school age claim
Maths Teaching Again in Focus after Leaving Cert Results
Slight fall in top A-level grades
D-Day (but hopefully A*-Day)
Irish research centre signs €300k contract with European Space Agency
Call for book chapters
The Futility of Ranking Academic Journals
Academic Titles
Education spending cut proposals include raising school age to five