Daily Archives: 08 September, 2011

Dawn raids over ‘illegal’ tuition fees
Why I Blog
Northern Ireland university tuition fees frozen
Irish scientific research ‘delivering’
Galway students organise Ireland’s first ever ‘SlutWalk’
‘D-day’ for NI universities
Could Professors’ Dependence on Turnitin Lead to More Plagiarism?
Why do people go to university?
Dublin college in talks to purchase HSI
The Hyland Report
University places could be decided by lottery
Draw for college places ‘unfair to brightest pupils’
CAO system could be changed by 2014
Hyland gives poor grades to colleges and points race
Uni reveals Chinese institute plans
Information: freedom of constraint?
Text of Hyland report now available
Parents and public must accept ‘challenging’ exams
University plans to make its students model graduates