Daily Archives: 31 January, 2012

Minister disputes Sopa comparison
Public safety outweighs academic freedom, committee rules
Former student becomes the boss at IT Carlow
SOPA Box – debating the future of the internet in Ireland
The first indication that the Presidency of Michael D Higgins will be wasted by his supporters
Researchers boycott publisher; will they embrace instant publishing?
Man’s body found in campus river
Applications to Scottish universities show tuition fee divide
IT heads propose Munster Technological University
Three more ITs to seek ‘technological university’ status
Society journals and the Research Works Act
Mature students are the first casualty of higher tuition fees
Munster institutes seek to become tech university
A lecturer rejects the idea that his is a cushy job
Three Munster ITs want to unite as a large university
Teacher’s Pet
University plan promises wider choice of courses
Why train doctors just to see them go?
Third level holds key to our recovery
Commenting freely