Daily Archives: 03 February, 2012

Emotion runs high at H5N1 debate
ISPs speak out against legal change dubbed ‘Irish SOPA’
Taoiseach hints at increase in student fees
‘Red-line issue’ a distant memory as fees set to soar
The Commission Publishes and Dispels ‘Myths’ Around ACTA
How to survive academic field trips
USI urges Quinn to ‘come clean’
Europe’s research plan starts to take shape
Meanwhile, In Trinity College
Demos: widen participation by scrapping ‘overly generous’ student loans
College registration fee could hit €3,000, warns education minister
Do we really need four more new universities?
ACTA will not change scope of IP protection, MEP claims
Unseen Sweatshops Don’t Bother Us
Health cover and college fees set to soar
Quinn says online media as accountable as traditional media
College registration fees set to hit €3k, says Quinn
Data measures will bring extra responsibilities for the State
Tesco loses fight for beer licence near university
Families hit on double with hikes in VHI and college fees