What Are Universities For? by Stefan Collini – review

“The rhetorical question is a hollow-sounding device, much favoured by monologuising dons: asked for the sake of effect, it doesn’t feel obliged to provide an answer. Stefan Collini addresses the empty air in his title but then loses his nerve in the first paragraph of his book …” (more)

[Peter Conrad, Observer, 19 February]

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One Response to “What Are Universities For? by Stefan Collini – review”

  1. Galway cupboards have skeletons too Says:

    A pity that you choose to publish Conrad’s nasty review, rather than writing your own. Stefan Collini is one of the few UK academics (Robert Gildea in Oxford another) with an honorable record in challenging the monetarist ideology behind the Browne report and the policies of Willetts.
    But a nation which puts its universities in the care of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport should be laughed at, loudly and often

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