Daily Archives: 21 March, 2012

Programme 131, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill on Irish, and more from CESI Conference
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Affiliation referendum called, SU to campaign against frat recognition
How Traditional Publishing Hurts Scientific Progress
Is Ireland’s ‘science push’ policy a failure?
Disruptive technologies in higher education: adapt or get left behind
Virtual Schooling is the Future for NI Education says Ulster Researcher
The Dynasty – because if there’s one thing Trinity needs it’s more privilege
Productivity, baby
€660m of Croke Park savings detailed by union
TCD and Google StreetView
27 jobs created at University of Limerick
Supreme Court Ruling Throws Doubt Over Countless Life-Sciences Patents
Taking students out of immigration tally would be ‘nonsense’
Professor me arse
CIT strike off after last-minute talks
‘Cloistered life’ not on agenda for students
Research Misconduct, Retractions, Fraud
Hard Truths and a Heavy Heart for the Humanities
The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Forever