Daily Archives: 13 April, 2012

Future of USI fee campaign questioned: ‘We need to get this right, not get it over with’
Friday the 13th really is unlucky, medics conclude
Charity tax row: Oxbridge joins revolt
Queen’s University Belfast establishes college in China
Bad day for friggatriskaidekaphobics
Parents will ‘hand over money’ to teachers in hope of better grades
Survey finds schools will have lost five middle management teaching posts
Teachers opposed to Junior Cert continual assessment
Postgraduates invited to apply for €10,000 bursary
Fee-paying students two years ahead in literacy
UCD student union racks up €1.4m debt
To target education is to undermine our future
Donors could desert universities, says Vince Cable
Queen’s University to establish college in China
‘The pleasure is always a beat behind the work’
Antitrust and ebooks: Regulators miss the big DRM lock-in picture
Teachers are to blame