Daily Archives: 02 May, 2012

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Britain Announces Plan to Make Publicly Financed Research Freely Available
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About 30% of peer-reviewed scholarly journals are now open access
Labour Court advises Trinity College to reinstate three employees
Tuberculosis case confirmed at Griffith College in Dublin
Chronicle of a Block Foretold: UK ISPs ordered to block Pirate Bay
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Making Easily Shared ePubs
UK Researchers Plead With Protesters to Leave Plants Alone
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Why Are Universities Buying Up Drones Faster Than Police Departments?
Third Level Fees and the Long Term Unemployed
Refusal of a Higher Education Grant
Abolition of Postgraduate Grants
Cracked reflection
Some parasites are benign, some kill their host and some render their host listless and ineffective
Funding Our Future: The National Preferendum
Dark days for the Irish university
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