Daily Archives: 01 June, 2012

Open access will bankrupt us, publishers’ report claims
Europe science ministers approve 2014–20 funding framework
The Launch of Scholrly: new search engine seeks to change the way people find research
Erasmus, Europe’s student exchange scheme, is an unofficial matchmaker
8 Mallard chicks, 3 Moorhen chicks and 4 cygnets, UCD Lake
Pink coffin is draped in Irish flag as Nicola Furlong’s body arrives home from Japan
Quebec’s student protesters give UK activists a lesson
There is No Market in Higher Education
Exciting new league table: 30 under six!
Teaching and Learning and Masters Degrees
Graduates face growing gap between pay and job prospects
Medical school entry test fails to widen access to profession
Hundreds of Northern Irish students exploit free Scottish degree passport loophole
A dedicated student who worked hard and missed family