Daily Archives: 06 June, 2012

10 (or so) of the worst passwords exposed by the LinkedIn hack
Open-access petitioners trigger White House response
IFUT says Higher Education Authority partly responsible for overpayments
Quinn reiterates commitment to €3k cap on student registration fees
Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General
Universities to be penalised for €8m staff salary top-ups
Banks pay colleges €9.9m for branches on campus
Some awkward exam questions
Medicine entry test fails to level the playing field
What Effect Is the Economic Crisis Really Having on Higher Education?
WIT’s controversial spending raised in audit
€2k bursaries for university students who lost grant
Universities overpaid staff by €8.1m since 2005, report finds
Murdered Nicola Furlong’s boyfriend tells of heartache
High impact: how the story of research can be told better
Students Given Option to Pay Contribution Charge in Instalments
Students’ pushy parents must cut the umbilical cord, say Oxford dons, as demands for exam remarks soar