Daily Archives: 14 June, 2012

What’s up with universities – Whackademia or just grumpy old academics?
Police rearrest Furlong suspect
University is key to reducing unemployment
Public Service Agreement report shows huge contribution of teachers/lecturers
Uni demands $37k to check its files
Minister Sherlock launches new Ulysses Programme
SFI welcomes renewed media focus on science as RTÉ launches new six-part series
Leo Varadkar says Croke Park successor must provide for public service redundancies
You Are the Only Human Being Left On Earth Not In Graduate School: A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare
Poll: Do you support embryonic stem cell research?
NUI Galway building short-listed for award
PeerJ: Silicon Valley Culture Enters Academic Publishing
ICTU sees no immediate prospect of wages being restored to pre-cut pay
Private providers set to go head to head with universities on places
Debate over institute’s independence
New ESRI report has ‘significant revisions’
Barrett strongly critical of university heads
Quinn and the colleges
Withdrawn ESRI paper’s conclusions were nothing new
Howlin says Croke Park agreement still being resisted